Preventative Care

At 4 Paws Animal Clinic, we can give your Winter Park pets a high-quality veterinarian examination that will check them for a variety of health issues and catch any developing problems. Understanding these tests is a great idea if you are concerned about your pet or otherwise want them to be healthy.

Preventative Care

What is it?

When you get an exam from one of our vets, you are getting a comprehensive look at the health of your pet. These tests run a multitude of checks on your pet to find any problems that may be lingering. They are designed as a preventative technique: if we can find a minor issue, we can prevent it from becoming a bigger and more problematic concern. Each test is holistic, meaning that it is designed to gauge multiple aspects of your pet's health.

Preventative Care

The Benefits

A good pet examination will give your pet the specific care that they need to be happy and healthy. For example, it will notice any kinds of issues that are developing and take steps to manage them. So if your pet has developed a case of worms, a pet examination can spot them and find a way to treat them.

However, pet examinations also give peace of mind when they are done. Knowing that your best friend is healthy can really take a load off of your mind. Or, alternately, finding a solution to an obvious health problem can give you even more relief by ensuring your pet is healthy.


Preventative Care

Preventative Care

What to Expect

We suggest getting at least two examinations per year for your pet at 4 Paws Animal Clinic. In this way, you can catch any problems that may have developed over the year. During our vet care exam, you can expect a multitude of tests and examinations to ensure your pet is safe, including:

Eye Exams
Ear Checks
Dental examinations
Neurological tests
Weight and nutrition tips
Cardiovascular checks
Pulmonary tests
Abdominal examinations
Behavioral tips

With our Winter Park vet care and veterinarian examinations, your beloved furry friends will get the high-quality care that they need to beat disease, live a healthy life, and be as pain-free as possible as they age and experience new things in life.

Get in Touch

Emergency pet care may be necessary if any of these issues are left untreated. If you notice any physical or behavioral changes in your pet, call the veterinarians at 4 Paws Animal Clinic in Winter Park at (407) 832-9266.