What is it?

In order to aid the staff with diagnosis and treatment of issues, we have a full laboratory inside the clinic. This laboratory allows us to run blood tests including complete blood counts (CBC), chemistries (analyze organ function) and virology testing (FeLV/FIV in cats). Parasite blood tests are needed to determine heartworm presence and stool examinations are needed to check for parasites or abnormal bacteria in the intestines.


Advanced Technology

4 Paws Animal Clinic has the most advanced digital radio-graphic capabilities as well. This means that x-rays are taken and available for interpretation in minutes. If needed, the radiographs can be sent electronically to a radiologist for interpretation.


Preventative Care

Get in Touch

Emergency pet care may be necessary if any of these issues are left untreated. If you notice any physical or behavioral changes in your pet, call the veterinarians at 4 Paws Animal Clinic in Winter Park at (407) 832-9266.